RONDO (Switzerland)

For 65 years and more Rondo has been developing and producing high-quality machines and systems for the production of pastry of all types. As a Swiss company, Rondo is fully aware of just how important quality, innovation and reliability really are. "Dough-how" is the term they coined for their unique combination of know-how and experience in dough processing, and today it is appreciated by thousands of producers all over the world, from small artisanal bakeries all the way up to big industrial producers.

MINIPAN (Taiwan)

Minipan specializes in manufacturing Taiwan best spiral mixers. Durability, precision, and quality have always been their main principles in fabrication. These principals are the reason behind our long relationship for more than 20 years now.


Started in a humble workshop in Taichung, Taiwan, Chih Hsing has been our choice for baking solutions. With known reliable reputation, Chih Hsing grows fast and manufactures not only simple deck ovens, but also rotary ovens and tunnel ovens. Chih Hsing does not ignore quality standard to meet customer’s need at reasonable prices. 

PANEM (France)

In 1969 PANEM designed the first retarder-prover cabinet. This breakthrough technology revolutionized the bread and pastry industry, both in terms of working comfort and regularity of production. Today, from retarder prover to blast freezer, Panem continues to bring innovations, reliability, practicality and profitability, while working for preserving the quality of finished products.

REVENT (Sweden)


Revent designs ovens that last longer, use less energy and produce bread with a higher volume for the amount of ingredients used. No other supplier comes close in terms of energy consumption. An oven is an expensive investment you don’t just toss away. Revent ovens have the longest life expectancy on the market. Around the world there are thousands of Revent ovens that have been going strong for over 25 years and are still used on a daily basis. When Revent ovens have served their purpose, all their parts can be recycled.

By building sustainable, energy-efficient products we also contribute to a sustainable society for future generations.

VMI (France)

VMI is undoubtedly the company can boast, as the longest and has the richest history, in the world of mixing and blending. The VMI mixers and blenders are the fruit of decades of inventions and developments many of which remain forever a significant progress made by designers who have marked their eras. VMI men and women of today make every effort to ensure that these wonderful stories are being perpetuated and that tomorrow VMI brand shall still be able to escort artisans and industrialists in their quest for mixtures of incomparable quality.

BENIER (Netherlands)

For more than 100 years, Benier has designed and built dough production and dough handling systems for all types of dough. The desired hourly performance Benier incorporates is used in artisanal bakeries and industrial bread making lines alike. The main focus is on dough quality and gentle dough handling – during dough dividing or moulding, for example. The role model is the manual artisanal processing method, which is reproduced using modern mechanical engineering and control technology. Bread, rolls, baguettes, panettone and pizza – Benier has broad and successful experience in a range of production processes that reach into every category, from traditional standard processes to individually tailored equipment.

SUNMIX (Italy)

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Sunmix spiral mixers are perfect balance between reliability and robustness, sobriety and performance, in which aesthetics become functional.


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Effeuno’s ovens are adaptable to any type of cooking, and hence sought after by those who love “quick and good in a small space”. It’s a company with a young and modern character, specialized in the sector of electric ovens for pizza, baking, and pastries.


For 35 years the company BERNARDI has been specialized in the production of double arm kneading machines, the best technology for producing yeast dough (bread, pizza, focaccia, flaky pastry, and panettone).


Sottoriva produces a huge range of machines of different type and capacity, which meet the different customers' individual requirements coming from all around the world. Every request is carefully analyzed to guarantee the best service to our customers. Today, Sottoriva lines have assembled in central kitchen and factories in Indonesia.

FERNETO (Portugal)

A Portuguese multinational of renowned experience in the baking and pastry area, Ferneto was founded in 1986 and concentrates its activity in the production of equipment for the food industry. Their pie and tart lines are industrial and semi-industrial solutions developed for the food industry, specifically the patisserie sector. Designed to bring together a range of processes for the transformation of dough into a tart (or pie) ready to be baked or conserved, Ferneto’s pie and tart lines provide professionals with day-to-day patisserie support.

WACHTEL (Germany)

Wachtel GmbH

WACHTEL is the tradition and the future of baking technology. Wachtel is proud of their role as a trusty partner to the baker's trade supplying their baking ovens, loaders and cooling systems Made in Germany since 1923. Wachtel’s commitment is quality and accuracy, with driving force in the art of engineering and passion to serve the customer.

YANG JENQ (Taiwan)

Yang Jenq has been the trustworthy name in bread line production line, due to their dedication in maintaining quality and reliable service since 1972. Installed all over Indonesia, optimizing bread production, increasing efficiency, while lowering labor cost.

CHUNG HOU (Taiwan)

Chung Hou and SCC go way back in accommodating bakery needs. You can find extensive range of products to fit in your bakery kitchen according to your production and capacity. Maintaining a Taiwan quality standard, Chung Hou is ready to raise you're profit with right equipment.


Eurofours is a reflection of French-made quality, creating a convection oven masterpiece that has became an essential partner in the world baking and pastry. Eurofours convection oven has been number 1 choice of renowned bakers around the world.

KREA (Switzerland)

Founded in 1946 by Mr. Theo Krebs on the Swiss side of Lake Constance (1 hour away from Zürich), the company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality, professional electric spray guns and systems, mainly focused on the food preparation industry.